Do I need to copyright my content?

Copyright is automatically granted to you at the time you create your work. You generally don't have to file anything anywhere, or publish anything online to own the copyright of your music.

 However, it gets tricky if you ever need to prove that you own a copyright. If a dispute arises over the ownership of your copyright, it can be very helpful to have some official documentation filed with the appropriate government agency to support your claim of ownership. Many people register their copyright with official organizations because it can help prevent or quickly resolve legal issues in the future.

Unfortunately, when ownership disputes arise over content uploaded to our platform and an infringement report is sent to us, we are required by law to remove the disputed content unless the parties can resolve their dispute among themselves. We aren’t in a position to determine who is right or wrong in a dispute over ownership of a copyright.

For information about copyright protection in your country, try your local copyright office.


Disclaimer: We do not give legal advice. The above information is provided for informational purposes only.  Consult a qualified attorney in your area for more information about copyright and your work.

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