Why was my track taken down?

Tracks are taken down when they are identified as containing copyright-infringing material.

There are two types of copyright infringement takedowns on SoundCloud--automated and manual.

At the time of takedown for an automated or manual takedown, you will receive notification via email as well as an in-platform notification.  These notifications will provide you information on what your content matched against or was reported for containing and information on how to file a dispute if you have a valid reason.


Automated takedowns

Automated takedowns occur when a track is identified by our content ID system as containing infringing material.

We do not issue strikes for tracks that are blocked by our content ID system.  If you uploaded content that you do not have the rights to share and it is blocked, there is no further action needed on your part.  The track(s) will remain blocked on your account but will not count towards your upload quota and will not be publicly visible.


Manually reported tracks

Manual takedowns occur when we remove a track that has been reported to us directly for infringement by a rightsholder.

A strike will be issued seven days after the takedown if you are unable to successfully dispute the claim.


So why does SoundCloud remove the content in the first place?  

We are required by copyright law to take down content that is reported to us for infringement.  We understand that this can be frustrating but we have a deep respect for the intellectual property rights of others and we also must comply with all relevant laws and regulations.

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