What if my own content was taken down for infringement?

There are a number of reasons why your original content may have been blocked.  If you are signed to a label that is distributed by a digital distributor, that distributor may have delivered your content to our content ID system for protection.  We will need to work with them to resolve the situation.  

We recognize that it can be frustrating for your original content to be blocked, but please understand that this system is in place for your protection.  If you were blocked, then an illegitimate uploader might also be blocked, thus protecting your content.  There are also steps that can be taken when filing a dispute to avoid the situation from happening on your account in the future.  Our team can advise on this when filing a dispute.

Your content may also be blocked because of a misidentification.  Our advanced content identification system isn’t perfect and mistakes can happen.  If your content is misidentified, please file a dispute and let us know.  Be sure to include details about your ownership and/or rights in the uploaded track so that our Copyright Team can properly process your claim.

If your content is reported to us for infringement, you would generally need to get in touch with the reporting party to resolve the matter.  In those cases, our team is not in a position to take sides and the content must remain blocked in compliance with copyright law.  You can contact us for more information about the infringement report.

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