What is a digital distributor?

A digital distributor is a distributor that delivers content to digital platforms like SoundCloud, typically for monetization.  Digital distributors may also deliver content to our content ID system for copyright protection.

Most digital distributors deliver this content on behalf of a record label, but some work with artists directly.

If your uploads are blocked for matching content delivered by a digital distributor, we will need their confirmation before we can reinstate.  Keep in mind that the digital distributors typically work directly with the labels so the distributor’s name may not be familiar.  We recommend speaking to your label if you have questions about your digital distributor.

Why do we need their confirmation?  There are a variety of reasons.  As the digital distributor, they may have the exclusive rights to distribute the content on digital platforms.  They may have also already delivered a monetized version of the track and your upload will take away plays.  Therefore, we prefer to have the digital distributor involved in the conversation.  Adding them to the conversation also helps because they also have the tools to avoid content blocks on future uploads.

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