Why was my account terminated?

When a track is taken down on grounds of copyright infringement, a user has up to seven days to file a dispute and resolve the matter. A strike will be automatically issued after seven days if the matter is not resolved.

In line with our Terms of Use, we have to permanently terminate accounts that have reached more than 2 strikes. You can read more about this here: http://soundcloud.com/terms-of-use#repeated_infringement.

We understand that it can be frustrating to have your account terminated, but we are required by copyright law to have and enforce a repeat infringement policy.

Account termination is something we would always like to avoid.  The easiest way to prevent your account from being terminated is to only upload content that you own or have all the required permissions to share.  If you do receive a strike, we recommend taking action.  You can use the first or second strike as an opportunity to learn more about copyright and our policies.  To avoid additional reports, you should also review your other uploaded tracks and remove anything from your SoundCloud profile that you don't own the copyright to, or that you don't have permission from the original rightsholders to publish online.

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