Enabling Monetization through Repost by SoundCloud

Pro Unlimited includes access to Repost by SoundCloud, this means that you'll need to sign up to Repost in order to monetize your content.

You'll be able to submit your tracks for monetization to benefit from fan-powered royalties, which allows you to get paid based on your dedicated fans’ actual listening habits.


To monetize your content please go to the Repost by SoundCloud dashboard and click SoundCloud Monetization.


You will be able to submit content on your linked channel for monetization, promotion, and exclusive Repost by SoundCloud features like track art, banner click throughs, and featured profiles!

To confirm a track is monetized, log into your dashboard and navigate to the SoundCloud tab. Next, click into the channel and locate the track in question. Once you see the “Approved” status change to a blue $ sign and a “Monetizing” status, your track is monetizing!


It normally takes up to 5 business days for a track to become monetized on SoundCloud.


Please note: the monetization tab on SoundCloud is only available to Premier users. You can learn more about joining Premier and the eligibility requirements here.


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