Your top artists of 2021

What is ‘Your top artists of 2021’?

‘Your top artists of 2021’ is a personalized list of artists that you spent the most time listening to in 2021.


What dates does ‘Your top artists of 2021’ cover?

January 1st to November 30th. Listening after November 30th won’t be taken into account. 


How did you make my list of top artists?

Your top artists of 2021 might be different from the artists you see in Your 2021 Playback playlist. Your top artists of 2021 are based on how much time you spent listening to an artist, while Your 2021 Playback is based on the number of plays on different tracks. 


How can I get a list of "Your top artists 2021”?

If you have an account and listened to at least 10 different artists and 30 different tracks between January 1 and November 30, 2021, then you can get a list. 


Can I share my list of top artists?

No. Currently, these lists are not shareable. In the meantime, follow your top artists to get all their updates.

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