Stories (Android)

Stories make it easier than ever for you to hear the latest tracks from the artists you love.


Whenever a user you follow adds a new track, album, playlist or repost, you’ll immediately see an update on your mobile home screen.


Simply tap an artist profile to open the Stories view and start hearing previews of the latest posts from artists you follow.


How long are the audio previews?

Stories are 20 seconds in length, and you can tap through to the full track, album, playlist or repost to hear it in full.

When is a story created?

Every post by a user you follow (whether it is a new track, album, playlist or repost) is shown as a Story


How long does a story last? 

Each story is shown for 7 days after the post is made.


As an artist, can I select the 20 second audio preview?

Yes, when uploading your track to SoundCloud, you can select an excerpt from the “Advanced” tab.

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