Fan-Powered Friday

What is Fan-Powered Friday?

To celebrate the first anniversary of Fan-Powered Royalties, on Friday, April 29th, SoundCloud is matching 100% of the revenue generated for independent artists by their loyal fans.


How does SoundCloud revenue matching work?

If your fans generate $1,000 with their streams on Friday, April 29, SoundCloud will also give you $1,000 in your next payout. That’s it!


How do I get the most value from Fan-Powered Friday?

SoundCloud is already the premier destination for music discovery. As listeners move from discovering new artists to becoming dedicated fans, they can ensure their favorite artists earn a greater share of their subscription by spending more of their listening time streaming those artists’ music. Specifically for Fan-Powered Friday, you can:

  • Use the SoundCloud app to share and post your tracks to social media—and tell your fans and followers to do the same
  • Create and share SoundCloud playlists featuring your own tracks
  • Tell your fans to comment and engage with your music on your SoundCloud page


When do I get paid?

You will see this payout reflected in the April payment cycle, which will be delivered to you around May 25th. You will see a line item on your statement summary that says “Fan-Powered Friday.”


If my fans don’t have a subscription, will I get paid for the plays on Fan-Powered Friday?

Yes. Even without a Go+ subscription, fans generate advertising revenue for the independent artists they stream most on SoundCloud. Under Fan-Powered Royalties, the advertising revenue is divided among the independent artists who monetize with SoundCloud by being paid for the ad impressions users get when listening to the artist's tracks.

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