Denon DJ / Numark


Please note, that Denon / Numark are not compatible with subscriptions via the Apple Store. Go+ subscriptions via SoundCloud directly only. We are sorry for this inconvenience and we are working on a solution. 


SoundCloud is integrated as a music streaming service with standalone DJ hardware from Denon DJ and Numark. Please find a full list of compatible products here. In order to access content from SoundCloud through these DJ products, users need a SoundCloud Go+ subscription. New users to SoundCloud Go+ are eligible for a free 30-day trial.

Connect DJ hardware with SoundCloud

Before connecting with SoundCloud, make sure your device is connected to a stable Wi-Fi. Please also update to the latest version of the firmware.


SoundCloud must be activated as an available service via Settings/Services on the device. In order to access Settings, pull the handle from the top of the screen. Once activated, press the source button on the device and select SoundCloud from the bottom of the screen. A six-digit pairing code will appear along with some instructions about how to activate the device.


  • Use any browser on your laptop or mobile device and go to or
  • Enter your SoundCloud credentials if not already logged in
  • Check-out a Go+ trial if not already subscribed
  • Enter the six-digit pairing code
  • Confirm the corresponding pairing dialog


You should be all set in order to browse your SoundCloud library or search for any track on the platform directly from your DJ hardware. Please note that Waveform, Cue and Loop data will only be stored permanently on the device if a corresponding drive or SD card has been attached.

Disconnect DJ hardware from SoundCloud

If you want to logout from SoundCloud, press the Settings icon on the lower left of the screen when browsing the SoundCloud library. Then press the Log Out button from the dialog.

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