SoundCloud for Artists

What exactly is changing about my subscription?

  • SoundCloud Basic is now SoundCloud Next
  • Repost is now SoundCloud Next Plus
  • Pro Unlimited is now SoundCloud Next Pro

And yes, you will still have the same access to all of the benefits and features of your current membership plan.

If you are in either of our legacy programs, Pro or Premier, your access will not change.

Next Plus is now a legacy subscription which is included with Next Pro. We are no longer offering Next Plus for new subscriptions (existing Next Plus subscriptions unaffected).


Will the price of my subscription change?

No. Despite the change in name, your membership plan pricing and the benefits you receive will remain the same. To check the status of your account or choose which membership is right for your career, click here.


I don’t see Repost by SoundCloud anywhere anymore, what happened to Repost by SoundCloud?

Repost by SoundCloud is now SoundCloud for Artists, your destination for all distribution needs and beyond. Distribution services are available for Next Plus and Next Pro tiers of membership.

Note: You may still see Repost listed as a rightsholder for a short period of time if you choose to monetize your content on SoundCloud via your SoundCloud for Artists Dashboard.


Are there any discounts available on SoundCloud Go+ subscriptions as a SoundCloud for Artists member?

Next Pro subscribers will receive a 50% discount on SoundCloud Go+ (only via SoundCloud directly).

SoundCloud bundle discounts are not offered via Apple or Google Play stores.

Both Next Pro and Go+ must be purchased directly via SoundCloud, to qualify for the discount. If you have subscribed to Go+ via Apple or Google Play stores, and would like to receive the discount, simply opt out via Apple or Google Play, then re-subscribe again directly with SoundCloud, and the discount will be automatic, link here.


Who can I contact for questions and technical support?

Our SoundCloud Support team is here to help provide expert assistance. To contact us with any questions, concerns, or feedback, click here.


Where can I view my Apple Music release stats that were previously available in the Repost by SoundCloud dashboard?

We have upgraded the new dashboard to provide you with the ability to view aggregated stats on streams by specific DSPs, including Apple Music. Click here to view your release stats in your artist dashboard.


Where can I submit and pitch my tracks for promotion (editorial and marketing considerations for all DSPs)?

Pitching your tracks to DSPs is an essential component of any release plan. We have created a new Pitch to Partners section within the SoundCloud for Artists dashboard to help optimize your opportunities for placement and support. Click here to submit and pitch your release!


What happened to the Classic View of my Repost by SoundCloud Dashboard?

Your experience on SoundCloud just got an upgrade with the new SoundCloud for Artists Dashboard. Stay tuned as we continue to roll out new features, products, and services to help you accelerate your career. For more information about SoundCloud for Artists, click here

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