How do I change my profile description and add web links?

To change your profile description or web links, sign in to your account and go to your profile's edit page. Your profile edit page can be accessed through the Edit button below your header image: 


Profile Description


You can add whatever you like in the profile description field to tell your listeners who you are, include a brief biography or introduction, links and other relevant information.

Descriptions have a limit of 4,000 characters and cannot include HTML formatting. You’ll still be able to add links to descriptions, but they will display as full URLs rather than displaying text that links.

Here you can also fill out your name and country, so your fans know where you are based.


How can I change my bio using the SoundCloud app?

On your iOS or Android device, you can change your Profile image by following these steps:

1. Go to home page to go to your collection page by tapping the icon on the lower right corner of the home page

2. Tap the three dots on the upper right corner

3.  Tap “your profile”

4. Tap “edit profile” and “bio”, here you will be able to change your profile description


 iOS                                                                                    Android

  Bio_edit_iOS.gif                        android_edit_profile.gif


Web Links

Here you can add up to 10 links to share your website, or other social networks with your fans. Add a link to your Twitter account in this section of your profile to ensure that your Twitter handle is included in the pre-filled text when fans share your tracks on Twitter using the Share button.


Tour Dates

Add a Songkick URL to your profile's web links, and we’ll automatically display your upcoming shows on the right hand side of your SoundCloud profile.


Icon for links

We currently have some social icons available which will automatically appear when you add your link.
If you are linking to a website outside of our available icons, the link will show this :


How do I change my location in my bio?

You can change your city, and or country on your profile via these steps:

1: Open up your SoundCloud account and click on "Profile"

2: Click on the "Edit" button on the right side


3: Change your city and or country


If your country is not listed and it is important for you to include your location on your profile, we would recommend that you consider including it in another free text field e.g. in your profile description which you can edit through the Edit button below your profile header.



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