Insights Overview page

When you share your tracks on SoundCloud and across the web, it is great to know who, where, when and how often your tracks have been listened to. With the Insights Overview page on desktop, you can view in-depth information about the tracks on your account. Through this page, you can see how often your tracks have been

  • Played
  • Liked
  • Commented on
  • Reposted
  • and Downloaded

You can also go into more detail; discovering new fans by viewing location, top listeners, apps and sources. This is dependent on what plan you have. You can read about the different Insights offered for Next, Next Plus, and Next Pro members here.


Insights on the app

You can access your data through Insights on mobile:

  1. From your Profile, Library or More menu just tap the Insights bar graph icon – and if you’re reading this from your phone, you can drive straight in here
  2. There you’ll see an overview of your total plays by day, week, month and year
  3. Scroll to see insights on your tracks, listener(s) and location(s)
  4. If you want to unlock more data, you can easily upgrade to Next Pro 

What would you like to learn more about with the Insights Overview page?

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