Repost and my SoundCloud Channel

How do I connect a SoundCloud channel?

When signing up for Repost by SoundCloud, you will be asked to provide the SoundCloud channel you'd like to use to login. If you have been using our services for awhile and do not yet have a SoundCloud channel associated with your Repost account, you can navigate to the SoundCloud Monetization tab in your dashboard and connect your channel there. 

Can I connect more than one SoundCloud channel? 

Currently, only one SoundCloud account can be associated with your Repost account. 

How long does it take to monetize a track on SoundCloud? 

It normally takes up to 5 business days for a track to become monetized on SoundCloud.  However, if you want to make sure you do not miss out on any monetized streams, you can submit tracks for monetization while they are still private or unreleased!

How do I know once a track is monetized on SoundCloud? 

Once you see the “Approved” status change to a blue $ sign and a “Monetizing” status, your track is monetizing.

Can I change the SoundCloud channel I have connected? 

To change the SoundCloud channel currently attached to your Repost account, we would need to cancel and refund your existing account. Once canceled, you are able to sign up for Repost using the SoundCloud channel that you prefer. Please note: your new account would not include any data from your previous account. 


If I change my SoundCloud URL, will my SoundCloud account be disconnected? 


What happens if I delete my SoundCloud account? Can I still access my Repost account? 

Because your Repost account is directly linked to your SoundCloud channel, deleting your SoundCloud account will also disable your Repost account. Please advise caution before removing your account.


I monetize my tracks through another distributor.  How do I move my monetization over to Repost by SoundCloud?

If you want to monetize or distribute a track on SoundCloud that is already monetized by another distributor, please submit the track for monetization, then once it is approved, reach out to your previous distributor and request that ownership be switched over to Repost by SoundCloud.


What happens if I monetize a track through Repost by SoundCloud that has already been monetized through Premier? 

If you request to monetize a track that is already monetizing under SoundCloud Premier, Repost by SoundCloud will handle monetizing the track for you moving forward.


Someone has stolen my track and uploaded it to SoundCloud without my permission. How do I take it down? 

Like all other platforms, your best bet is to reach out to SoundCloud directly and request a DMCA takedown (SoundCloud is obligated to remove the content as the issue is investigated).  You can use this form to do this:


What is SoundCloud track art, banner click throughs, and featured profiles / how do I add them to my SoundCloud? 

Track Art

Track art allows you to customize the waveform background of your track on SoundCloud (check out an example here).  In order to add artwork to a track on your SoundCloud channel, go to the track in the Tracks section of your SoundCloud tab in your Repost by SoundCloud account and click “Add Track Artwork”.

Note: to access this feature, the track must both be: (1) monetized on SoundCloud and (2) included on an approved Distribution release through Repost by SoundCloud with Apple and Spotify as release partners.

Featured Profiles

Featured profiles allow you to showcase and link to other SoundCloud creators on your SoundCloud banner space. In order to add Featured Profiles to your SoundCloud channel, go to the Featured Profiles section of your SoundCloud tab in your Repost by SoundCloud account.

Banner click-throughs

A banner click through turns your SoundCloud banner into a click-through link to your website or social page.  In order to add a Banner Click Through to your SoundCloud channel, go to the Banner Click Through section of your SoundCloud tab in your Repost by SoundCloud account.

When will my track art, featured profiles, and/or banner click throughs go live? 

SoundCloud channel updates are processed once a week, so you can expect to see your requested change go live in approximately 5-7 business days!

I can’t add track art to a track that I monetized and distributed through Repost by SoundCloud.  What should I do? 

Please reach out to us with the following information:

The SoundCloud URL of the track you want to add artwork to

A link to the track distributed on Spotify

A link to the track distributed on Apple

The track artwork file (Note: please make sure the artwork is a jpg file with the dimensions 1240 x 400px (or 2480 x 800px) and smaller than 200KB)


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