Content Guidelines and Migrating Previously Released Music to SoundCloud for Artists

What types of content can I distribute? 

You can distribute any music content that you control the rights to.  Please do not attempt to distribute content where you do not control all aspects of the release (e.g. unofficial remixes, content containing uncleared samples, etc.).

I previously used another distributor - how do I move my releases over without losing my play counts? 

You can absolutely move your existing releases over to our platform! Just upload your content to the distribution tab as you would a new release, but rather than allow us to create new ISRCs, enter the ones already associated with the live version of the song. This will allow play-counts to stay the same and it will stay in all saved playlists. Once the SoundCloud for Artists version of the release is live, you can take the old version down from the other service.

What type of audio files can I upload? 

Please upload 16-bit 44.1kHz WAV files.

Does SoundCloud for Artists charge for ISRCs and UPCs? 

Nope!  However, if you are re-distributing music through us, remember to use the ISRCs from your previous distributor so that your plays map over!

What type of artwork files can I upload? 

Please upload jpg and png files that are 3000x3000 px, 300 DPI.  Please also ensure that your artwork is appropriate for distribution (e.g. no copyrighted images, nudity, etc.)

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