SoundCloud Go+ for students


Please note, student subscriptions are only available via SoundCloud directly. If you already have either a Google Play or Apple subscription, please opt-out from renewals, and subscribe again after expiry directly here.


What is Go+ for students?

If you are a current student and can be successfully verified, you will receive a discount of 50% for your Go+ subscription. This means you get all the same features as regular Go+ users, but only pay half price. 


If you are currently a student and would like to start the process, you can find the link here.


Student subscriptions are only available via SoundCloud directly, and are not offered via Apple or Google Play stores. We suggest either using a computer or your mobile browser. After you follow the link, you will be transferred to our partner SheerID, who will assist with your verification. 


The email address connected with your SoundCloud account will be used for the application, so please ensure that you are signed into the correct account and still have access to your email. If a different email address is verified, which is not connected to your Go+ subscription, the discount will not be applied and you will need to reach out to our support team.


Student subscriptions are valid for 12 months, up to a maximum of 4 consecutive years. This means you will need to apply again next year if you would like to extend your discount (we’ll send an email reminder before it expires).


How do I apply for SoundCloud Go+ for students?

Step by step process

  1. Sign into your main SoundCloud account
  2. Ensure you know and have access to the email connected to your account, for the verification.
  3. Head over to our subscription page for students here, enter all your details
  4. Upload all your official student documents. If you don’t have them handy, don’t worry, you can upload them later via the email reminder SheerID will send you. Your application will stay live for up to 7 days, before it expires
  5. Your student details will be assessed and you will receive an email confirmation within a few days

You can check your student status using a computer under the “subscriptions” tab here. SheerID will email you once they have assessed your application.


Go+ student essentials

  • Students enrolled at a Title IV degree-granting college/university or post-secondary school are eligible to apply for the student discount. If you school is not listed, please reach out to SheerID here for more information
  • Existing Go+ users can apply here
  • New Go+ users can apply here
  • Student Go+ subscriptions are only available directly with SoundCloud. We don’t currently offer them via the Apple or Google play stores
  • The application should take a day or so to be assessed, and will stay live for 7 days in case you are missing some documents and your application is incomplete
  • You can only apply up to 5 times per month, otherwise we suggest waiting 30 days until applying again


Go+ students FAQ's


How do I sign up for a new SoundCloud Go+ student subscription?

Get started here! 


I'm already a Go+ subscriber, how can I apply for student pricing?

If you are already subscribed to Go+, you can jump straight to the application here. If your verification is successful, it will automatically apply the discount to next months renewal. 


Am I verified as a Go+ student?

If using a computer, you can check your student status under "subscriptions" here. 


My student price has bumped up to full price, why is that?

Student subscriptions need to be reverified every 12 months. You can verify again here with SheerID, for a maximum of 4 consecutive years in total. We send out email reminders before it expires, but sometimes they can end up in the spam folder. If you verify again successfully, next months renewal price will include the discount, just like before.


My student application was denied via SheerID, what should I do?

The verification process is handled via SheerID, if you have any questions about eligibility, please create a ticket direct with SheerID support here. SoundCloud cannot manually override these requirements.


I successfully verified, but it's not showing on my account

Sometimes users verify an email address which is not connected with their Go+ account.

Firstly, please reach out to SheerID here to confirm which email address was verified, then share this with SoundCloud support so we can help transfer it for you.


I am already subscribed to Go+ with Apple / Google Play, will my student discount be applied?

Student subscriptions are only available directly via SoundCloud here.

If you are already subscribed to Go+ with Apple of Google Play stores, you will need to cancel your next renewal, then after its expiry, subscribe with SoundCloud for the discount to apply. For help opting-out, link here.


How long does the verification process take?

Verification processing times depends on the application, which can take longer depending on missing documents or incomplete applications.

If there are missing documents, the application will remain live for 7 days, before it expires. Any questions related to the status of your application can be clarified with SheerID directly here.

If you have the document, just follow the email instructions from SheerID email where you can complete the application.


I cannot apply for student subscriptions, as my status is "pending"

We have some limits on how many times you can apply. We suggest waiting for 30 days, then try again. Feel free to use a different email address, via another account, if this helps.


How many times can I apply?

We have a limit of 5 attempts per month, which means after 30 days, you will be able to apply again.


What happens to my Go+ subscription once my student discount expires?

If you’re not a student anymore (after 12 months), you will no longer be eligible for the SoundCloud Go+ student discount and you will automatically renew at the normal price of SoundCloud Go+ unless opted out prior.



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