Liking tracks or playlists

Like any track or playlist to find it easily later, and let its creator or curator know their work is appreciated. Click the Heart icon below any tracks or playlist to add it to your Likes. The heart will turn from grey, to orange.  You can unlike a track or playlist by clicking the heart again to turn it back to grey. 

Image_2015-10-29_at_1.43.02_PM.png    Image_2015-10-29_at_1.43.16_PM.png

Please note: It is not possible to like private tracks or playlists.

You can listen and shuffle through your collection of Likes here, or access this page through your Library page

We have on-site limits in place to encourage the growth of genuine, close-knit communities around creators’ tracks. These limits look for accounts which appear to be using features such as following, liking, reposting and messaging in a way other than intended, and can block access to that feature. Read here for more information. 


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