Premier Monetization FAQs

How do I monetize a track?

Please note that Premier is now a legacy offer. If you've upgraded to Next Plus or Next Pro recently and want to monetize with SoundCloud for Artists, please go here.

If you're part of Premier, you can decide to monetize just one track or multiple.


One track at a time 

  • Go to your tracks page 
  • Select the desired track and click the pen icon to edit.
  • Choose the monetization tab for the track
  • Enable Monetization
  • Select your username for each territory
  • Enter necessary details on the Metadata tab
  • Save your changes


Multiple tracks 

Please note: this option is only available to artists who only use Premier to monetize content. If you're distributing or associated with other rightsholders (including SoundCloud for Artists, this option will no be available).

  • Go to your tracks page 
  • Select all tracks that you want to monetize
  • Click 'Edit Tracks' and select 'Monetization' 
  • Make sure that your metadata is correct and click 'Enable Monetization' 
  • Click 'Save'


Note: Editing monetization settings for more than one track at the same time will mean you are opting into monetization in all possible territories. If you want to pick specific territories for monetization, follow the instructions for monetizing an individual track. 

Check out this video for more details.


Please remember, if you've signed up for SoundCloud for Artists through your Next Plus or Next Pro subscription, you can enable monetization by following these steps.


What's an ISRC code and why do I need it?

ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) is a unique code that is assigned to a sound recording and is required to enable a track for monetization. Use the same ISRC for a given sound recording wherever you make it available, across all territories and music services. If you don’t already have ISRCs for your tracks, you can have them created for you when uploading or editing a track.

As ISRCs are unique per track, first make sure you don’t already have a code through one of your partners. Ask about ISRCs for your tracks if you work with record labels / distributors / music services but have retained the right to upload, make available, and monetize the tracks on SoundCloud yourself.

If you don't have an ISRC code, you will be able to generate a new one when uploading or editing your track, via the metadata tab:


Please note: when adding an ISRC code to a track, make sure to add it without any symbols or hyphens (e.g. XX0000000000). ISRC codes have 12 characters, in this form "XX-000-00-0000". The hyphens are not part of the ISRC code, however they are often presented that way to make them easier to read.


Can I upload a track without an ISRC code? 

Yes you can! However, when uploading your track, you will need to uncheck the monetization option in the Monetization tab. This way, the ISRC code won't be required anymore.




Can I monetize the same material I already monetize via another service?

Yes you can! Your agreement with SoundCloud Premier is non-exclusive and you retain all of your rights so it’s possible to monetize your tracks on other platforms.

In fact, now we can help you to do that with our new distribution and promotion dashboard, SoundCloud for Artists. Find out more here.


How can I cancel SoundCloud Premier Monetization?

You can stop monetizing your tracks at any time by simply disabling the monetization for a track via your tracks page, there you can control monetization for each track or turn it off for all tracks. Once you have stopped monetization for a track you will receive the last payout with the next payout cycle.

Should you want to leave the program, please get in touch.


Do you still have questions? Please check out our Creator Guide for more info about SoundCloud Premier Monetization, tips and tools to grow your audience.




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