What do I do if my track was taken down for copyright infringement?

If your track is identified by our content ID system for containing infringing content or reported for infringement, we are required to take it down.

If you uploaded content that you do not have the rights to share and it is blocked, there is no further action needed on your part.  The track(s) will remain blocked on your account but will not count towards your upload quota.


What if I do have rights or permissions for the blocked content?

If you believe a mistake has occurred and you do have all rights and/or permissions in place to host the blocked content on your SoundCloud account, or you believe your use of someone else’s work falls under fair use or a copyright exception, then you can file a dispute to have the takedown reviewed.  Our Copyright Team will review your dispute and get in touch if they need more information.

When filing a dispute, please be sure to provide us with plenty of details about your rights so we can properly process your dispute.

Our team can best assist where your track has been misidentified by our content ID system or you have documented permission from the rightsholder, such as a lease/license for an instrumental.  Where the track has been reported for infringement, you would generally need to get in touch with the reporting party to resolve the matter.  In those cases, our team is not in a position to take sides and the content must remain blocked in compliance with copyright law.

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