Playlist doesn't have a Share button

If your playlist doesn’t have a Share button, it can be for three reasons:

Ad-blocks or third party plugins are enabled in your browser

If you've installed any plugins (AdBlock, Flashblock, Hola VPN, HTTPS everywhere, VLC Web plugin) on your browser, please disable them, as these commonly prevent the Share button from showing. Plugins can often block SoundCloud from working properly. Additionally, please disable or allow for an exemption on any pop up blocker, firewall, or antivirus on your computer.

In the event that you are still experiencing difficulties, you may also want to try a different browser (Firefox, Chrome, etc.) to see if the issue continues. This way we can confirm whether or not this is a local issue on your browser. 


A track in the playlist is stuck in transcoding

If you have uploaded multiple tracks in a playlist, it may be that one of them did not successfully upload all the way. You’ll be able to see this, as the individual track’s waveform will be grayed out and it cannot be played.

 If this has happened, please delete the track from SoundCloud and upload it again. From there, you can add the track into the playlist afterwards. You can learn more about how to do this here

A track in the playlist does not have embeds enabled

If all of the tracks in the playlist are fully transcoded and available to play on Soundcloud and you are unable to see a Share button on your playlist, you should look to make sure all tracks in the playlist have embeds enabled. You can test this by checking at each track individually, and making sure they have individual Share buttons.




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