Why are there tracks on my profile that I did not upload?

With the launch of SoundCloud Go, a lot of content is ingested through the supply chain as opposed to being uploaded directly by creators. 

Ingested content is delivered by a rightsholder, also known as a digital distributor.  Ingested content can also be a manual upload that has been on a creator’s profile for years but is now monetisable and managed by the label/distributor rather than the creator themselves.


Can I remove ingested content from my profile?

It's not something you can do yourself. It's also not something us at SoundCloud can do directly on our end. For ingested content to be removed a 'takedown request' has to be issued.


What is a takedown request?

A request from a rightsholder asking SoundCloud to remove supply-chain content. In order to have a takedown request issued you need to get in touch with the relevant digital distributor (via your label if need be) and get them to send us a takedown request for the relevant content. (You can reach out to us for information on who your digital distributor is.)


For more information, please refer to our article on Rightsholder content.

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