Artists shortcuts on mobile

As the world’s most social audio streaming experience, SoundCloud enables authentic, real-time connections between artists and fans.

That’s why we are introducing shortcuts to the creators you follow so you can immediately get the most relevant updates from your favorite artists as soon as they are posted, directly on your mobile home screen.




 How do I get updates?

You just have to follow at least two of your favorite artists.


How often will I get an update?

You’ll get an update every time the creators you follow post and repost.


How many updates can I have?

We’ll show you up to 100 updates at a time.


What happens after I click on an update?

The orange unread indicator will go away to indicate that it was read.


Can I mute updates?

You cannot mute updates from artists you are following.


Are these updates available on web?

Yes, shortcuts are also available on Web. More information can be found here



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